Ukrainian churches urge all Parliament factions to save freedom of expression

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Churches and religious organizations of different denominations, as well as believers from different regions, sent letters to all factions of the Parliament of Ukraine asking them to redirect the draft law #0931 for revision.

The religious associations convince parliamentarians that the Committee’s edition of the draft law #0931 limits the right for the freedom of conscience and freedom of expression, and therefore cannot be voted into law, the Institute for Religious Freedom reports.

Religious leaders of various denominations sent to parliamentary factions appeals with their arguments which identify the need for the revision of the draft law #0931. Among submitters are:

  • Orthodox Church of Ukraine
  • Ukrainian Orthodox Church
  • Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church
  • Roman Catholic Church in Ukraine
  • All-Ukrainian Union of Evangelical Baptist Churches
  • Ukrainian Pentecostal Church
  • Seventh-day Adventist Church
  • Union of Jewish Religious Organizations of Ukraine
  • Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the Autonomic Republic of Crimea

Also, the Council of the Evangelical Protestant Churches of Ukraine, which unites 12 religious associations of the Protestant denomination, urged the Parliament not to hurry up in voting the draft law #0931, but to take into account the amendments of the religious communities during the new second reading.

Previously, the Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations has addressed the President of Ukraine and the leadership of the Parliament with a request to revise the draft law #0931, so that the fanatical struggle against discrimination does not lead to oppression of citizens' constitutional rights of the freedom of conscience and freedom of expression.

A number of non-governmental organizations and private educational institutions also supported the churches’ amendments and demanded from the governmental factions to revise the draft law #0931 more carefully.

Institute for Religious Freedom

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